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A Shade For All Seasons A Shade for All Seasons

Any season is a good reason for Plastic-View window shades...

In Winter...

  • Retain interior heat! much as storm windows or thermal panes. Up to 56%
  • Re-radiate furnace heat back inside the room!
  • Simulate the insulating "dead-air" space! ...just like duo-panes or storm windows
  • Minimize expensive artificial heating and lighting! ...operate as you desire to take advantage of free natural solar heating and lighting
  • Reduce air infiltration in all climates!

In Spring...

  • Create daytime privacy! ...while actually improving the view out. Insiders enjoy a glare-free view out, while outsiders cannot see in
  • Increase security! ...daytime privacy feature turns ordinary windows into one-way mirrors
  • Keep an eye on children! ...without them knowing it
  • Create a more spacious and pleasing atmosphere! inviting the out-of-doors inside. Maintain outside view but with personal privacy

In Summer...

  • Reduce air conditioning demands and costs dramatically! reflecting up to 92% of the total solar energy, greatly increasing your comfort
  • Minimize discomforting room "hot spots"!
  • Eliminate virtually all direct and reflected eye-straining glare!
  • Protect all interior furnishings! ...from the devastating effects of exposure to excessive heat and ultraviolet radiation. Block out up to 99% of the fade causing UV rays, helping to ensure longevity and color stability of draperies, carpeting, and furniture.

In Fall...

  • Maximize your control! ...over changing weather and environmental conditions. As they change, your shade adjusts to preference.
  • Flexibility! ...permits total personal comfort control. You decide how much light and energy are permitted to enter
  • Help to reduce exterior noise!
  • Benefit from the many features and functions not provided by ordinary window coverings!
  • Make your conventional, inferior window insulation products obsolete!
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