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In January 1991 PLASTIC-VIEW moved to the pictured location in Simi Valley, CA after 38 years in Van Nuys, CA and 7 years in Los Angeles prior to that. The company opened its doors February 11, 1947. The transparent shade was a brand new type of window covering product and warranted intensive introductory efforts to gain popularity and a share of the window covering market.

The basic philosophies of management was to create 'the world's best' SEE THRU transparent window shades and market them through the major independent dealers/distributors and also via a format that became known as the PV-128 SALES & SERVICE PROGRAM. It was designed to aide government and chain stores through extensive recordkeeping.

Virtually all of the major window shade mills and major store fixture manufacturers adopted the PLASTIC-VIEW philosophies, product line, and participated in the programs (Wm Voker Shade Co., Illinois Shade Co., Breneman/Hartshorn, etc. in window shades and National/KC and others in the store display equipment field). All of these concurred that they should market 'the world's best' for their own dealers/customers and it became even more important when the world of air/ground traffic control adopted the PLASTIC-VIEW PV-128 SALES & PROGRAM (CAA, ARMY, NAVY, USAF, and later the FAA, starting in 1960) for their control tower cab shade requirements.

In order to make all of this work, it was essential not only to create 'the world's best,' but also to participate with the most qualified local professionals around the nation to create programs that insured the best dollar value for the end users and fair profit margins for the participating dealers and installers. Needless to say, 'low bid' simply did not fit into this thinking, as there are literally hundreds of companies that can put a piece of plastic on a roller and do it cheaply.

Continuity was a key factor for serious end users of these shades. This is what the PV-128 SALES & SERVICE PROGRAM created for the top level executives and decision makers. This of course came down to the quality of people involved. Extensive nationwide traveling, trade shows, and recommendations from distributors were involved in selecting and authorizing the appropriate local professionals to serve these major users, such as Safeway Supermarkets, that went across the country with a building plan of window walls intended to retain a full view out. Plastic-View is now, via exclusive ATCT cab shade research and development, on its 12th major upgrade of the specifications for ATCT cab shades. Though ATCT shades is its specialty, PLASTIC-VIEW also offers a full line of commercial/residential shades in a variety of materials and roller mechanisms.

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